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Do you feel like you are just getting by each month instead of getting ahead?



Could you use a system of support to reach economic stability?



The program will help you:


  1. Create life changes that lead to permanent self-sufficiency

  2. Develop unique gifts and leadership skills to lead the circle, contribute to the Circles® initiative and give back to the community

  3. Use your experiences to advocate within the community for changes to barriers that keep poverty in place


The Circle Leader commitment:


  1. Complete 12 week Circle Leader curriculum focused on self-sufficiency

  2. Commit to be part of the Circles® initiative for 9 months

  3. Attend weekly dinner meetings with other Circle Leaders/Allies

  4. Identify ways to contribute to the Circles® initiative

  5. Meet monthly with your Circle group of mentors

  6. Make progress on the goals you have identified


Support the Circle Leader receives:


  1. Orientation and Circle Leader Training

  2. Two to four caring Allies to join the journey to self-sufficiency

  3. Weekly meetings in which free meals and children’s programming are provided

  4. Staff available to answer questions, provide mentoring, and assist with conflict resolution.

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