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Ready to Give Back to the Community?



The Mentor/Ally has three primary goals:


  • Build an intentional friendship that is friendly, safe, and supportive with a family in poverty (Circle Leader family) and join them in their quest to increase their resources.


  • Be willing to look at your own stereotypes and class rules and how they affect your relationships with people from different economic backgrounds.


  • Use the experience of friendship with a family in poverty to advocate within the community for changes in the systemic barriers that keep poverty in place.


The Ally commitment:


  • 6 hours minimum per month


  • Commit to be a Circle* Ally for 9 months or longer


  • After you are matched with a Circle Leader, you will have:


  • one monthly meeting with the Circle at a scheduled time (two hour dinner and meeting)


  • one monthly Big View meeting with other Circles, staff and community members to discuss systems barriers


  • a regularly scheduled ally support meeting (quarterly)


  • phone and in-person contact with your family during the month

  • open communication with the Circles Campaign staff about Circles experience



The Ally receives the following support:


  • Training session with Circles® overview and a framework for understanding poverty using Bridges Out of Poverty

  • Ally Orientation training


  • Quarterly Ally support session


  • Collaboration with other Allies

  • On-going support from Circles® staff and Guiding Coalition


Some Activities that Allies have been asked to do by their Circle Leaders:


  • Exercise together

  • Be a Study buddy for CL

  • Advocate with CL in agency matters, child’s school or other  i.e. Social Services, Social Security, TANF

  • Help with tax issues or credit repair

  • Help fill out college applications

  • Help fill out job applications

  • Track down affordable auto repair/parts

  • Accompany  to a  doctor’s appointment

  • Help locate resources

  • Help improve literacy skills

  • Conduct mock job interviews

  • Diet together

  • Help put together a resume/cover letter

  • Listen and provide feedback

  • Help problem solve when asked

  • Help organize

  • Help with budget

  • Lend an ear to troubleshoot problems 

  • Research information

  • Share experiences, dreams & goals

  • Help weatherize apartment (sealing windows & filling in gaps)

  • Help celebrate CL accomplishments

  • Do simple car and/or house repairs

  • Bake cookies or prepare a meal together for an event 

  • Help move in or out of an apartment


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