Upcoming Events

Open Meetings

Every second Monday of each

month Circles hosts an

Open Meeting.

Anyone can attend,

YES that means you!

Whether you wish to learn more about Circles, or want to increase your knowledge about valuable community resources via our guest experts, you're invited! 


Meetings start at 6pm.

1001 Juliana Street

Parkersburg, WV


Dinner is served.

Childcare is available.

We hope to see you there!

Circle Leader Class 

Are you interested in improving

your economic situation?


Does it seem like you are just getting

by, but you want to get ahead?

Do you want to thrive, rather than just survive?


Contact us to register for our next class.








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New Learning Opportunity

We are taking part in a Cavassing 101 class and we would like you to be there with us! Learn how to make one on one interactions mean more! Not only will you learn to canvass, you will also learn how to bring your community together to make some change! Training will be Wednesday, March 18, from 10 am - 4 pm at St. Joseph Landing, in the training room on the 5th floor right next to the Circles office. Call 304-488-7760 for any questions or clarification.

Together, we will learn how to:
- Volunteer on our Healthcare listening project
- Canvas door to door for events
- Have a one on one conversation and motivate somebody to get involved

-  Share your personal story in a way that helps you communicate, persuade, and build trust
- And more!