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Weekly Ledger

Click the spreadsheet to download a copy of this document. You can use this to track exactly what you spend money on, like a checkbook. We recommend that you use both the ledger and a budget. Contact us for more financial  resources!

This ledger sheet is intended to compliment your personal budget sheet. This is the all-purpose version of a checkbook register - use this document to track all the money you spend and earn. The ledger is intended to last for one week, but you start with any date you want. We chose this format to avoid confusion, but it is easy to modify the document if you turn it into a 120 line ledger for the month, for example. You can either use the all-purpose balance column right after the expenses column, or you can keep track of both your cash balance and your bank balance. We have a column for the account name and a column for a description that you can match up with the accounts in your budget. For example, I might go to the store for groceries and write: "Date: (7/2/2019), Account Name: (Food), Description: (Groceries), Income:      , Expense: ($65.59)". By keeping track of my expenses, I am better able to plan for the future (and spend less on chocolate). We recommend that you keep a folder or file in which you keep all your old ledgers together, ordered by date. 

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