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Poverty Simulation

What is the real cost of poverty?


Over 15 percent of the American population lives below the poverty line according to the U.S. Census Bureau. However, this statistic underrepresents the number of people in poverty.  It does not capture the true costs of poverty, portray the individual stories that are so common among low-income neighborhoods, or the impact that poverty has on families, businesses or communities.  


The Poverty Simulation is an event that offers participants a glimpse into the lives of low-income individuals and families living in the community.  It is a glimpse into the obstacles that are faced, the decisions that are made, and the consequences that impact these families every day. The simulation has been used to help organizations and communities work more effectively with low income families and enable people to understand and address the issues of poverty more comprehensively.


This 2.5 hour experiential event accommodates 40 to 80 participants.  For more information about hosting simulation for your organization, please contact our office. 

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