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Resume Template

Click here to download a resume template in Microsoft Word.

     We have added this template so that you have can fill in the blanks and use our template for your professional resume, as needed. If you do not already have a resume, or if you think your resume needs work, please try our template. The practice resume page can help you edit this template to suit your preferences. 

     Here are some things to keep in mind:

First, include your address only if you are applying to a local job. Include the one phone number that you check/answer the most. Provide an alternate phone or additional contact information upon request.


Second, I suggest that you only provide references upon request, but you should make a separate word document that includes information on your references. You should have 3 to 5 references that are not previous bosses that you have worked for. You should be able to say how long you have known them, what kind of relationship you have, and contact information. 

Third, don't clutter up your resume with too much information. You should try to keep your information short and to the point. Ask yourself if this information is helpful and necessary. Always be honest about your employment history - include all your recent jobs and don't worry too much about gaps in your employment history. You don't need to include the phone numbers of previous employers or your reasons for leaving, but try to have this extra information available for future job interviews. If your interviewer wants to contact your old boss, he/she will ask you for their number.

Next, be mindful of your your social media accounts. More and more employers are checking out employee candidates online. If you don't have a "professional" social media account, consider creating a LinkedIn account or a Facebook account for work. If your can't link a "professional" drama-free account, just don't put any social media contact information on your resume.

Finally, feel free to change the resume as much as you want to improve it. If you have a different template that you like, great! Our template is here to help you, but don't force your resume into our template if it isn't a good fit. Ask us for any additional help with your resume - we know a lot of great resources. Remember to get someone to proofread your resume before you use it in an application!

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